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Master Thinking Techniques

Titled players know how to approach a chess game to get better chances to win. Applying the right thinking techniques wins you more games.

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Reap the rewards of your improved strategies! Follow the tempo of the game, one move at a time. Sharpen your tactics to be ruthless at the board and get technical results from your training.

An Unfair Advantage Over Your Opponent

Engaged students learn from their games, transforming defeats into valuable lessons that forge great practical strength. Learn from the opponent's strong moves to get ahead of them in your next game.

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About GM Max

- Max Illingworth is the 2018-19 Australian Chess Champion and 2019-2020 Oceania Chess Champion

- Max Illingworth helped his students win Australian Junior Chess Championship titles - including the 2019 and 2020 Under 18 Australian Junior Champion

- Max Illingworth became the highest rated player in blitz chess on from 2017 to 2019

- Certified FIDE Trainer with 10,000+ hours of experience helping chess players improve and High Performance Coach, certified by the High Performance Institute. Max clearly explains the best moves, and the tactics and strategies you need to master to win more chess games.

- Become a student of Max's unique video programs and coaching. Join a growing community of Chess Improvers, committed to their dreams of chess mastery.

Learn From A Grandmaster

Before winning international titles, Max Illingworth learned from a Grandmaster himself. Your best choice is to learn from GM Max, and start learning the Grandmaster mindset and skills for peak performance.

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Learn from the most instructive chess games - both historical and topical - through Max's interactive videos and emails, which push you past your comfort zone to the next level of the chess rating ladder.

Shorten Your Learning Curve

Shorten Your Learning Curve Being coachable is what you need to improve your results faster. Following GM Max tips, advices, tactics and strategies will allow you to quickly apply your new skills in your own games.

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Get frequent chess videos from GM Max, walking you through the key ideas and skills to improve at chess.

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GM Max is a High Performance Coach, certified by the High Performance Institute. Max shows you how to apply the principles of peak performances to your chess to make the most of your ability.

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Get daily Grandmaster tips on how to improve your chess !